Our New Place

Last night we stayed at the Porto Vista, a boutique hotel in the Little Italy district.  I barely slept at all, so around 6:30 AM I decided to get out for some fresh air.  It was misty and cool and the fresh air felt good.  I walked about 7 blocks to the water and captured these photos of boats in the early morning mist.

It started to drizzle so I headed back to the hotel to lay in bed for a few hours while Jason took care of important things like getting the security deposit for our new condo.

Around noon we went to a bagel place for lunch and reviewed the 50 pages of rules, policies, and procedures our new homeowners association so kindly provided us.  About 30 pages in, I looked up at Jason and said, “Are we sure we really want to live in this place?”  Turns out he was thinking the same thing, so we called our real estate agent and told him we had cold feet.  He was very understanding and showed us what else is on the market online.  We’d hoped that our second choice condo was still available, but it wasn’t, so we decided to stick with the plan.  We set a 4:00 appointment to turn in our deposit and lease and pick up our new keys.  Now that we’re here, I’m glad we stuck with this place.  I really do like it.

And I think I’ll like it even more once it’s decorated.  It’s amazing how much your own stuff can make anywhere feel like “home.”

We decided to try one of the restaurants in our building for dinner.  We chose Red Dragon and were not disappointed.  They have great drink specials almost every night of the week (hello, half price bottles of wine on Tuesday) but the coolest thing was the pour-your-own-draught-beer option at some of the tables.  I had lettuce wraps and Jason had sushi.  Both were delish.  It’s quite a relief to like the closest restaurant to you.

After dinner we headed to Target to load up on the necessities.  It was a long and expensive trip, but it’s nice to have a home again.  Now we just can’t wait for our furniture to arrive so it really feels like home- just another 7-9 days!


About how bout some cake

I'm a 20-something woman with an insatiable thirst for adventure. I love red wine, chocolate cake, and comments from my lovely readers.
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