Costa Rica

Some of my fondest family memories are from family vacations.  For as long as I can remember, my parents have planned interesting and exotic trips for us.  We’ve team penned at a dude ranch, sailed through Alaska, and sipped sangria in southern Spain.  So it would be impossible to declare one trip my favorite, but I can say with confidence that Costa Rica is in the top three.  The country’s unadulterated beauty alone is worth the trip, but on top of that the people are friendly and the dollar is strong.

Part of what made the trip so great was that we did really unique activities for us there.  One day, we zip-lined through the rain forest on a course that emulated the flight of a Toucan.  Another evening we did a night-time aquatic expedition to see the nocturnal wildlife.  That was pretty cool- they even caught a baby Cayman for us to hold!  Bu my favorite activity was the trail-ride.  We took horses to this beautiful place:

We tied up the horses and went for a swim here.  They helped anyone who wanted to (ME!) climb half-way up the rocks and jump.  It was really fun!

Here’s some more of the  county’s beautiful landscape:

When online poker was banned and Jason and I started talking about moving, Costa Rica was one of the places at the top of our list. I’m glad we didn’t go there; just moving to California was enough of a nightmare.  But it holds a really warm place in my heart 🙂 I’d like to vacation there again- and next time, with a better camera!


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