Carry On Essentials

I’m very excited about today’s guest post from my friend, Amanda.  She’s not only my go-to gal for all things beauty and fashion, she’s one of the only people I know who travels more than I do.  Today she’s taking us inside her carry on, sharing tips and tricks to make your trip easy, comfortable, and (of course) stylish.  Enjoy!

When I fly, I want to make sure I’m as organized as possible. Everyone hates being behind the idiots in security with 4 different bags, a laptop they forgot to take out, lace up shoes, and $7 of change in their pockets. Ugh.

I start with a large tote bag. I’m old-school and love to read magazines (the paper kind, not on an e-reader). To me, that’s actually a nice part of flying: long interrupted time to catch up on all my favorite magazines. A large tote allows me to tuck those in, along with my handbag, some snacks, and a bottle of water.

I always wear basic flats, or something else easily worn/slipped on. Again, goes back to the security line. I want to be in and out of security as quickly as possible. Waiting in lines is horrendously boring.

I can’t fly without bringing a scarf with me. Not only is it a chic add-on to most outfits, but it doubles as a blanket/pillow on chilly flights!

I use an old jewelry pouch to house my earphones and keep them from getting tangled in my bag. I can’t survive a 4 hour flight listening to that baby 3 rows ahead of me wail for hours. Gotta be able to plug in and relax to my music! Not pictured is my iPhone, which doubles as my iPod. I obviously carry that always.

I usually always have a notebook and pen with me, you never know when you need to jot stuff down, especially when traveling as plans can change frequently!

I keep my makeup essentials in a cute fun bag. That way I have what I need to freshen up upon arrival. Also, worst case scenario if the airlines lose my checked luggage, at least I have what I need for 24 hours. I can easily buy a few clothing items from wherever, but to replace all my favorite makeup items  quickly would not be fun!

I like traveling with BB Cream (I use the one from Garnier). If you haven’t heard of BB Cream yet, I’m sure you will! It’s a tinted moisturizer with SPF that works to brighten and tone skin when in use (as opposed to foundation that simply masks the skin). I don’t like wearing a lot of makeup when I fly, simply because it’s so dehydrating and I want to be good to my skin. A BB Cream really moisturizes, but gives me some coverage. I also like Burt’s Bees tinted lip balms. Again, moisturizing but with some sheer color.

And I always keep some gum handy! That goes for life in general, not just traveling/flying. Everyone needs to have fresh breath quickly within reach at all times. You never know when you will run into George Clooney….


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2 Responses to Carry On Essentials

  1. I’m travelling to NYC next month and I will put these tips to use. I usually have a scarf and flats, but a moisturizer and notepad and pen are a must!

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