Blue Point Costal Cuisine

This weekend was exactly what I needed.  We kicked it off with a date night Friday evening.  Jason chose Blue Point Costal Cuisine because I requested seafood and it was one of the only places downtown that we hadn’t tried yet.

Our “eccentric” server started us off with some sparking wine because, well, why not?  We also shared the Braised Oxtail Ravioli… which were buried somewhere beneath this delicious mess.  We both enjoyed it, although neither of us thought it was spectacular.  The wild mushroom and pea topping was really good, while the ravioli themselves were just OK.

While we were waiting for our entrees, our server brought us a very pretty spoonful of salmon tartar.  I should have snapped a pic, but it didn’t occur to me until after I devoured my delectable bite.

Then I ordered the lobster crusted halibut and Jason ordered the salmon.  The highlight of mine was definitely the lobster topping (above).  Overall, it was a good dish that didn’t really stand out from other good fish dishes I’ve had.  Jason felt the same way about his salmon (below).

And of course, we ordered a side of brussels sprouts.  Are they on the menu?  Not exactly.    The server didn’t even think the restaurant even offered them, but we showed him where they were listed as a pairing for the chicken entree.  He was a bit of an odd duck, definitely lacking in the polish I would have expected from that type of restaurant.  He provided respectable service, though, so if he hadn’t been such a spazz, it wouldn’t have even been worth mentioning.

Overall, it was a nice night out but we probably won’t go back.  There was just nothing about it that made it great: not the decor, not the service, and most importantly- not the food.  On the other hand, nothing made it a bad experience, either.  So I guess I’m saying that you should totally go there if you want a good fine dining experience.  If you’re looking for great, I recommend searsucker.

In other news: it’s been established that bringing my dslr into restaurants makes my other half uncomfortable.  So when I’m out with him, it’s strictly iPhone snaps.


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I'm a 20-something woman with an insatiable thirst for adventure. I love red wine, chocolate cake, and comments from my lovely readers.
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  1. Donna Pugliese says:

    Sparkling wine to complement your sparkling finger nails?

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