Lemon Drop Martinis

The other night my friend Ashley came by and helped me perfect a recipe for lemon drop martinis.  With our mission accomplished, we took our cocktails up to the rooftop lounge and sipped them, chatting about “girl stuff” and enjoying the backdrop of the city at night.  It was a lovely way to unwind.

Here’s our recipe, in case you want to serve these at your next girls night in.


1.5 oz.  Vodka

3/4 oz.  Triple Sec

1/2 oz. Fresh lemon juice (about 1 lemon)

Sugar for rim (optional)

Mix the ingredients above in a cocktail shaker with ice.

To help your drink stay cold longer, chill your martini glass by letting ice water sit in it for a few minutes.  Pour that out, then immediately pour the cocktail in.

If you want to garnish your cocktail with a sugar rim (highly recommended) pour some sugar out on a little saucer.  Use the lemon rind/remains to wet the rim of the martini glass.  Then roll it in the sugar.  Obviously, this must be done after the chilling, but before  pouring the cocktail in.

Maybe next time I’ll take them a step further by adding fruit!  Frozen fruit can be a great way of keeping drinks cold in the summer.  They are a delicious treat when you’re done with your drink, plus they don’t water it down like ice does.  I think this recipe calls for blueberries!

The taste test

Photos by Ashley Hanson.


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1 Response to Lemon Drop Martinis

  1. Rose says:

    These look delicious! Will have to give them a go soon! x

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