Yesterday we celebrated Jason’s friend’s birthday with a round of sloshball.  What’s sloshball?  It’s a drinking sport with the basic rules of kickball.  I’d never played before, but it sounded like a good time.


When we got to the park, there was already a diamond set up with kegs placed at home and second base.  Everyone was wearing matching t-shirts specially made for the occasion.  Here I am in my “Doyle’s Dirty Thirty” t-shirt with my signature red solo cup.

As soon as I had a beer in my hand, we ran through the rules:

  • Every player must have a beer in his/her hand at all times
  • If an outfielder drops their beer in the middle of the play, the play doesn’t count
  • Each runner has to finish a complete beer before proceeding beyond 2nd base (more than one runner at a time can be on second base- you just line-up there until people finish their beers)
  • There’s a “boat race” every three innings
  • Otherwise, general kickball rules are observed

A “boat race” is when both teams line up and go down the line chugging their beers (this is also sometimes called a “waterfall”). When the person next to you finishes drinking, they have to turn their cup upside down on their head.  That’s your cue to start chugging as fast as you can. Whichever team finishes their beer first earns a run.



We were having so much fun at the end of 9 innings, we decided to play an extra 3.   At the end, we were drunk but victorious over the other team (thanks, in great part, to the athleticism and competitive nature of my other half).  I can’t wait to see the video!

We wrapped up with victory keg stands, which isn’t part of the official rules but probably should be!  Then we headed off to someone’s house for food and further festivities.  What a great Saturday celebration!



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I'm a 20-something woman with an insatiable thirst for adventure. I love red wine, chocolate cake, and comments from my lovely readers.
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