Restaurant Review: Simon

Usually, I only feature restaurants I enjoy on my blog.  But after dining at Simon at least once every day this week, I’ve decided to make an exception for them.

About a week ago we were sitting in our friend Joe’s penthouse suite, hanging out and using his washing machine.  It came dinner time, and some other friends suggested we head to Simon for dinner.  Joe, who is also a professional poker player and spends a lot of time in Vegas, replied “ugh, that place?  It’s super standard.”  We went anyways, but it’s become a bit of a joke among us (because it’s so true).

One thing Simon does have going for it is the location .  One whole side of the restaurant is glass and it looks out at The Palms Place Pool.  The Palms Place pool is gorgeous; it probably deserves it’s own post, but I’m going to spill the beans here.  It’s lined with attractive cabanas, and has a charming little fire area.  It’s easily one of the best things about Palms Place, so Simon being right there is a definite perk (I think they even open up the wall in nice weather).

Simon’s also a very attractive restaurant, both day and night.  The glass makes it bright and cheerful in the daytime, but the dark of night brings an equally nice, sexy, romantic feeling.

The thick rope room-divider and light fixtures reminiscent of sea urchins give it a slightly nautical feel.  There’s also a contemporary built-in fireplace, which provides some interest and warmth.

When we went there as a group for dinner, Jason and I shared the tuna tartar as an appetizer.  I had high expectations but was sorely disappointed.  I didn’t care for the flavor or the texture of the fish.  It was a bit too firm and chewy, but Jason really liked the crisps (puffed rice, I’m guessing) that came alongside it.  Unfortunately I wasn’t any more impressed with the salmon I ordered as my entree.  It was “super standard.”  Not bad, but certainly not very good, either.  At least it was healthy, right?  Because every cloud has a silver lining, I will say that the pretzel rolls they brought to us before the meal were delicious.

A day or two later, I was back to work and looking for somewhere to go early mornings before J wakes up.  Fortunately, Simon opens are 6:30 AM and has wifi!  So I’ve been there almost every morning this week.  Every morning I’ve ordered coffee and steel cut oats.  I love oats, and I’ve even blogged about how great they are.  But what baffles me is that they’ve been served differently every day this week!  Some days it comes with fresh berries, and some days it doesn’t.  Some days I have to pay extra for them, but not always.  Once it came with apple compote on the top (which is actually listed on the menu, unlike the berries).  And three of the four days it’s arrived at my table with brown sugar and milk.  I just don’t get it.  I also don’t get why they think this meal is worth $15 (plus tip).  But the staff has been very nice and accommodating of me there for 2 hours each day on my laptop.  I’ve got nowhere else to go, really.

Yesterday my girlfriend and I went down for Happy Hour.  They advertise the heck out of the $6 drinks, $6 appetizers, so we decided to check it out.  There are about 5 appetizers that cost $6, and a few that cost more.  Their $6 cocktail offerings include one red wine, one white wine, about 8 beers (Budlight, Corona, etc.) and about 15 different types of alcohol you could choose from.  They were what I’d consider mid-grade: Captain Morgan, Absolut, Stoli, the kind of stuff you thought was good in college.  So we each ordered a cocktail and decided to split calamari and meatball sliders.

I wish I’d taken photos of this food, because it was actually quite good.  I preferred the meatball sliders, which came on soft little buns with fried mozzarella and pepperoncini.  The meatballs were soft and flavorful; I could have easily eaten all three by myself.  The calamari wasn’t bad, either.  The flavor of the batter was good, and the calamari wasn’t too rubbery (my most common complaint with calamari).  The only drawbacks were the soy sauce-derived dipping sauce and that half of them were the scary calamari with all the legs still attached.  Neither of us would touch those; we’re “o-ring” calamari girls will we die *fist bump*.

In Sum: Simon is super standard, and probably not worth visiting unless you’re staying in Palms Place.  But if you do go, go for happy hour.  Otherwise, I firmly believe that they need to cut their prices by about 30% or increase the quality of their food by that much.

Now you’re probably wondering: So, have you left Simon at all this week?  And the answer is: yes, I have.  I’ve watched J play poker at The Rio, I’ve done a bit of shopping (new pair of sandals, yay!), and I’ve seen several movies.  None of that was blog-worthy, so I’ve been mum but it’s good to be back because I’ve missed you guys!

What have you been up to this week?


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  1. Donna Pugliese says:

    I’ve been listening to great country music and enjoying Chamber-of-Commerce weather in Nashville.

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