Sky High [in San Diego]

Moving across the country isn’t exactly easy.  We had all of 48 hours to find a place to live, and we must have looked at 20 different properties in that short amount of time. One of the best things about the building we chose is the rooftop.  Our neighbors host a lot of parties up there, but I mostly prefer to go up with my camera or a good book.  There’s comfortable seating and a couple of gas grills for communal use.  It’s a nice way to get up and away from it all without really leaving the city.  And the views- well, they’re pretty spectacular.

It’s also quite popular to watch Padres’ games from up there.  There are two large rows of cushioned seats to lounge on, but binoculars are recommended if you actually care what’s happening.

In the photo above you can see the Pacific Ocean and Coronodo Island in the background.  At night, you can see the lights of Tijuana off to the left.  While the daytime views are beautiful, I really love the city at night.

What are your favorite things about where you live?


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7 Responses to Sky High [in San Diego]

  1. Wow – what stunning views! Sometimes I wish I lived in the city in a building with a rooftop deck so I could indulge in moments like you have pictured here. Living in Orlando, what I love most is that I am literally surrounded by things to do. With all the tourism, the shopping is great and the food is even better. I can go canoeing, putt putt, ziplining or beach hopping – there’s really something for everyone!


  2. albucco10 says:

    WOW. You seriously have an amazing view!!! I really wanted some semblance of a rooftop when I moved to NYC, but that also comes with a verryyyyy ($$) steep price tag. However, this spring a bunch of friends and I ventured onto my roof via the fire escape. Probably wasn’t the MOST safe thing, but it was an amazing view!

    The Glossy Life

    • You have a fire escape!?! I’m seriously jealous. Almost none of the buildings have them here (b/c they’re new, I guess?) but I’ve always wanted one. I think they add character (and a little excitement) to buildings. Regardless of safety, I bet your excursion was fun!

  3. What I miss the most about living in downtown los angeles was being at roof-top level and the views from the deck!
    About East Costa Mesa? I love my neighborhood – filled with gorgeous old craftsman homes boasting quaint gardens, children playing in the streets, quiet evenings, a sea breeze, shops and neighborhood restaurants within walking distance, the beach just a few miles away, my own little backyard with the lights strung around, my french doors that i open wide to let in the fresh air, and on and on………………………………


  4. Adam Pugliese says:

    If I could only pick 2 things I love about my current residence, it would be the low rent and the proximity to family.

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