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Buffalo Shredded Chicken [in the Crockpot]

Ever since I started making this chicken recipe, my fiancé has been obsessed.  It’s a household staple- it’s always in our fridge.  But I’m the kind of girl who gets burnt out on eating the same thing all the time … Continue reading

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O, Christmas Tree!

You might say that I’m obsessed with Christmas, but that would probably be an understatement.  Think Will Farrell in Elf, toned down by half a notch.   Picking my favorite thing about Christmas is like choosing my favorite chocolate cookie … Continue reading

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Home Away From Home

How do you book a vacation?  Do you pick a place then search online for good flight and hotel deals?  Me too- until a year ago. The first time we rented someone’s private apartment was last October in Cannes, France. … Continue reading

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The Mission

J and I love starting our day with casual breakfast dates, so today I want to invite you along to one of our favorite San Diego brunch spots, The Mission. It’s a short walk from where we live- only about … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!  I’m in Indiana spending the day with my future in-laws and in light of the occasion, I thought it’d be fun to dedicate this post to some of the things I’m grateful for. My family, full of amazing … Continue reading

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Hot Cocoa Cookies

Based on the fluctuations in traffic to my blog over the past couple weeks, one thing is clear: y’all like the dessert posts. And I hate to disappoint.  So without further ado, I present Hot Cocoa Cookies. To make your … Continue reading

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Munchies on Maui

I thought it might be fun to recap some of our favorite meals from our trip to Maui.  Since there are a limited number of choices on the island, I hope it’ll help future vacationers as much as other bloggers … Continue reading

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