Maui: Day 6

I had left our sixth and final day in Maui totally open, so I was thrilled when J suggested we use the day to take a helicopter tour of the islands.  I’d seen Jen’s photos at Pearls and Lace, so I knew the views would be spectacular.

We received a brief safely lesson before being lead out to the helipad.  I could barely contain my excitement when I found out that I had the front middle seat with a practically unobstructed panoramic view!  After donning earmuffs, we were cleared for take-off.

We cruised over West Maui, and then around Molokai, which is a scarcely populated, un-touristy island with breathtaking waterfalls that plunge thousands of feet.

The weather was a little hazy, but we could see well enough to appreciate the island’s beauty.  The pilot gave us a crash course in Hawaiian history/mythology as we cruised through the air.  For example, he told us about a cliff-diving king who would jump off the tallest rock in the photo above to prove his immortality to his troops.  It worked every time- they never lost a battle after one of his crazy leaps!

Above is Turtle Island (it looks like a turtle from far away, but I cut the head out of this photo).  The U.S. Government used it for target practice back in WW2, so now it’s a bird sanctuary (as in, humans beware: this rock is radioactive).

Our pilot took us down into these valleys where we got up close and personal with these amazing rainforest waterfalls.

Isn’t the reef amazing?  Talk about a snorkeler’s paradise!

So much of Hawaii isn’t accessible by car, you really have to go up in a helicopter to appreciate it (unless you’re a really serious hiker).  After basking in the island’s beauty for a week, I couldn’t believe she was hiding more radiance just beyond the next ridge, channel, or valley.  If you’re planning a trip to Hawaii, I can’t recommend this enough.

Note: We went with Air Maui but there are at least 5-6 different companies that all operate out of the same heliport.

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10 Responses to Maui: Day 6

  1. Natalie says:

    wow gorgeous photos! just stumbled upon your blog and love it!

  2. jennacwest says:

    These pictures are breathtaking! I have always wanted to take a ride in a helicopter. This has been added to my bucket list. Thanks for sharing your amazing vacation!

  3. Beautiful pictures they are just unbelievable. I was there 8 years ago on my honeymoon and I cannot wait to go back there one day.

  4. Love this post! I feel like I get to relive my heli tour through your photos! I’m so happy you and J decided to take a tour, there is so much beauty that can only be appreciated from the air in Hawaii! I was happy that you guys got the front seats, that’s definitely the best spot and gives you the best view for photos 🙂 I also had the middle seat on our trip and loved it! We’re you not absolutely amazed by that reef?! I just wanted to keep staring at it! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and linking my Maui post 🙂

    xo jen

  5. albucco10 says:

    These pictures are UNREAL, Rachel! A helicopter ride has always been on my “must-do” list, so I’m totally living through you. What an amazing thing for you guys to experience together! I think I might have been extremely scared! xo

  6. I remember seeing Jen’s photos and am so glad you decided to take a tour yourself! Your pictures are absolutely amazing and that reef is just beautiful. John has his private license and can fly helicopters and I’ve been begging him to take me for a ride!


  7. Your pictures are breathtaking!! What an amazing expericience!

  8. jordan says:

    Holy crap haha! Wow this is insane! What an amazing way to end your trip. Looks like an amazing time.

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