Munchies on Maui

I thought it might be fun to recap some of our favorite meals from our trip to Maui.  Since there are a limited number of choices on the island, I hope it’ll help future vacationers as much as other bloggers helped me when I was planning.


Stella Blues (Kihei): A nice little spot for a leisurely breakfast with an extensive menu that’s sure to please.  The walls are lined with jam band posters that reflect the spot’s laid-back vibe. Count on Stella’s for reasonable prices, good food, and service with a smile.  See photo, left.

Cafe 808 (Waikapu): This quaint little spot offers secluded patio seating and generous portions.  Several of the menu items are influenced by Hawaiian cuisine, and enough variety to satisfy any palate.

Makena Beach & Golf Resort: Makena’s only hotel is an impressive complex withlush foliage, a koi pond, and overly-confident birds who will strut up brazenly and steal your toast.  They offer a pricey buffet in addition to standard entrees.  The service is less polished than at other resorts, but the beautiful atmosphere more than compensates.

Sarento’s on the Beach (Kihei):

What this place lacks in service, it makes up for in food and location.  It’s not that the service was bad, it was just significantly slower than anywhere else.  But the massive omelets and open-air, seaside location make it a lovely way to start a day.  Photo, right.

Fine Dining:

Ferraros at the Four Seasons (Wailea): Perched on the edge of the beautiful pool and adjacent to the beach, Ferraros offers classic Italian fare exquisitely infused with Hawaiian touches.  Not only is the food delicious, but the service is world class.  The atmosphere is dim and romantic making it the perfect date night spot.

Click photo to enlarge

Mama’s Fish House (Pa’ia): Tiki torches light the path across a sandy beach to a romantic restaurant with some of the island’s freshest fish.  You’ll know who caught it, where, and how it will be prepared. The food and service were both good, but the romantic ambiance is what really elevates it above other island fish joints.  Expect your wallet to be significantly lighter upon departure.

Upscale Relaxed:

Cafe O’Lei (Kihei): Perched atop an unassuming strip mall, Cafe O’Lei offers quality food and service at incredibly reasonable prices.  Expect good drinks, generous portions, and a complete lack of pretentiousness.  This spot is one of my top recommendations- try the Maui Wowie.

Casual Fare:

Da Kitchen (Kihei): According to my guide book, “Da Kitchen is da bomb”.  Need I say more?  Order at the counter, fight for a table, and be sure to listen for your name each time an employee carries an order out of the kitchen.  It’s BYOB and all the food comes in styrofoam containers, but it was easily the tastiest Hawaiian grub we tasted on the island.

Old Lahaina Luau (Lahaina): If you’re looking for a cultural experience with flawless service, a massive buffet, an open bar, and a fabulous show, this luau is for you.  I suggest the earlier show so that you can soak up the romantic sunset before settling down to dine.  Of course, an experience like this doesn’t come cheap- it runs about $100/person.


Pita Paradise (Wailea): Pita Paradise is a casual little joint that serves up delicious Mediterranean food at prices that won’t set you back too much.  We liked it so much we went twice!  I recommend the chicken kabobs.  Our only complaint: the pricing for add ons was inconsistent between visits.

Food Trucks:

Jaws: Easily the most prolific on the island, we saw these food trucks everywhere.  The tacos were fine, but we’d hoped for better.

Big Beach BBQ: We stumbled upon Big Beach BBQ as we trekked along the road from Secret Cove to our car.  It was a real gem of a discovery serving up the best tacos we had on the island.  The fish were good, but it was the pork that really stole our hearts.  Definitely scope them out if you spend a day at Big Beach- they blow Jaws out of the water!


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5 Responses to Munchies on Maui

  1. AJ says:

    My sister is going to Hawaii next year for her honeymoon, I am going to pass this along to her!


  2. Olivia says:

    I bet Maui has the best food trucks! (I’m a sucker for food truck fare in any city..they always have delicious, cheap food you can try!)

    xo Olivia

  3. albucco10 says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to a luau, but I haven’t had the chance yet (a given, considering I’ve never even been to Hawaii!). That definitely sounds like such a cool, cultural experience!

    The Glossy Life

  4. Love this recap! Loved the Old Lahaina Luau, Stella Blues and Cafe O’Lei. We’re not huge sea food people so we never tried Mama’s Fish House but some of our guests did and they absolutely loved it! I think we might just have to give it a try the next time we’re there!

    xo jen

  5. Kelly says:

    Great photos, I am so jealous!

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