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2012 Recap

I have really split feelings about 2012.  On the one hand, I feel like it was one of my best years yet, but on the other hand, I feel like I spent the whole year just waiting for whatever I … Continue reading

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Utica Greens

My parents are both from the Utica, NY area.  I’ve been visiting my whole life, reveling in the area’s unique epicurean offerings.  One favorite is half-moon cookies, which are also known as “black and whites”.  They are a cakey chocolate … Continue reading

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Bacon-Wrapped Dates with Balsamic Glaze

Guys, huddle in.  This recipe’s a home run. These little nibbles are deliciously savory and easy to make.  All you need is goat cheese, dates, bacon, and balsamic vinegar- that’s only 4 ingredients!  More specifically: 1 lb. Medjool Dates 1 … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Candy Cane Cookies

Hello!!  Now that I’m physically back in California, I’m continuing to bounce around the blogosphere.  Today I’m over at The Glossy Life sharing a recipe for a favorite Christmas cookie.  Please click the image below to come and visit!

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Chocolate Buttermilk Cake

This is officially my new go-to chocolate cake recipe.  It’s moist, it’s rich, it’s decadent.  It’s wayyyy better than any box of cake mix I’ve ever tried. Thank you, Emma, for sharing this recipe on A Beautiful Mess.  Your blog is … Continue reading

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Sedlic Ossuary A.K.A. “The Bone Church”

Have you ever been lying in bed at night, trying to fall asleep, when you found yourself wondering what a church would look like decorated with the remains of 40,000+ people? Yeah, me neither.  But when I heard that such … Continue reading

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Guest Post: 5 Tips for International Travel

Good Morning, Buenos Dias, Guten Tag, Ahoj! Today I’m over at Meet Me in Paradise sharing some of my tips for first-time international travelers.  Please click on the image above to check it out!

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