“Insta” Wonderful Life

Here’s a quick catch-up of what I’ve been up to lately.  If you’re not already following me on Instagram, please do! Just search for RachPug. My profile is private but don’t be shy- send me a request!

image_13My second batch of holiday cookies made with Andes chips from my future Mother-in-law.

image_9A working happy hour at my favorite local sushi joint.

image_12A picture I stole from my sister-in-law: my adorable nephew watching the GA vs. Alabama game.  She and I both went to UGA, so it warmed my heart to see him in the spirit.  His cuteness almost compensates for the devastating loss.  Can you believe he’s only 3 months old!?  I think the little chunk has definite linebacker potential.  Ugh, I’m so smitten!

imageHappy hour with Dad at the Hotel Del Coronado.  I’ve been majorly homesick lately, so it was nice to spend some time with him while he was in town on business.

image_11An adult version of my classic green smoothie recipe– they’re not just for breakfast anymore!

image_10My handsome horse, sporting a sweet hairdo.  The weather has been perfect for riding lately!

image_8A moment to myself, relaxing and celebrating a personal victory.

image_3A breathtaking view from our trip to Lake Tahoe.

image_7J affixing the piece de resistance on our new Christmas tree.  The two of us do this every year and it’s my favorite tradition.

image_5A night out with J while we were in Indiana for Thanksgiving.

image_2A vegan breakfast from a fabulous little cafe in Tahoe (oh, and a mimosa too).

image_4My view for 3 days in Tahoe.

image_1The view from across the lake (Tahoe).

What have you been up to lately?  If we were Instagram friends, I’d already know!!


About how bout some cake

I'm a 20-something woman with an insatiable thirst for adventure. I love red wine, chocolate cake, and comments from my lovely readers.
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22 Responses to “Insta” Wonderful Life

  1. Rachel says:

    I love Andes mints- I bet those cookies are delicious! And your nephew is adorable!

  2. Isa says:

    Your life looks seriously DELICIOUS. I want real cookies!


  3. Lauren says:

    I love those gorgeous pictures from Lake Tahoe! I’ll be making a trip there in a few weeks when I head to California to see my parents. I can’t wait!

  4. That UGA loss, ugh, so disappointing! My husband and I are huge fans and it was sad to see them lose that way. They should have spiked the ball!!! 😦 Well, it looks like you’ve been having a blast!

  5. Love the pictures! Your nephew is the cutest! xo

  6. Teeny Bikini says:

    Those are some yummy pictures and one adorable baby too! Have fun.

  7. An alcoholic smoothie!! Nice and healthy 🙂 The spinach cancels out the vodka right :P?

  8. I just bought those Andes baking chips too, looking forward to using them : ) Love the Tahoe pictures! About to find you on instagram.. I’m marisa503 when you get the request.

  9. Maya says:

    I love following your adventures on Instagram! Looks like life is fabulous as it should be!


  10. Do you happen to remember the name of the cafe in Tahoe? The Driftwood, maybe? Always good to know of places to eat vegan!

  11. AJ says:

    FUN pictures! Tahoe looked amazing. And those cookies look mouth-watering…will you post the recipe sometime?


  12. Those cookies look amazing!! And I need to check out that smoothie recipe. Ketel one is John’s favorite vodka of all time so I’m sure he’d appreciate it just as much in smoothie form.


  13. Gina Robles says:

    Reading your posts make want to travel , eat and shop !

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