Prague Castle

Just when I thought Prague couldn’t get any more beautiful, a romantic dusting of snow proved me wrong.


After a solid day in the hotel room recovering from jet lag, I was ready to set out for some sightseeing.  I’d done some research about the local attractions, but I’m not the best with directions so I decided to just kind of wing it.  Epic success ensued… but I’m getting ahead of myself.

I started out retracing my steps from the previous outing, which took me back to the Christmas markets.  Here I stopped for a tasty local treat that I’d been too full to enjoy on my previous visit.  They’re selling this dessert everywhere.  I have no idea how to pronounce the name, but it’s a soft dough that’s wrapped around a wooden pin, cooked over a fire, then rolled in sugar.  It kind of reminded me of a soft pretzel.  It was delicious… just as I expected!


MeInPragueI continued to retrace my steps across the Charles Bridge, but this time I went farther than before.  I could see a beautiful cathedral atop a hill so I headed in that general direction. I suspected that this was the castle area, but I wasn’t sure.  There’s minimal English signage and I opted not to consult my guide book in the spirit of adventure.

I ventured through the streets, passing one beautiful building after another.  Eventually I came to a long set of stairs (about 200 of them).  This was the view from halfway up, looking back at the city below.


Obviously, the view was even better from the top.

PragueFromHillAt the top of the hill I found gates with guards standing watch.  I followed the crowd through them.  I thought that the surrounding area might have been the castle, but had doubts since it didn’t look as old as I expected it to.  The logical thing would have been to consult the guide book that was in my purse, but I didn’t.  Instead, I just kept walking around and taking pictures of these mysterious buildings.  Eventually I found the gorgeous old cathedral that I’d seen from below.  Old cathedrals are one of my favorite things about Europe (along with castles, cheap beer, and Nutella).


I was a little disappointed that there weren’t any signs telling me what I was looking at, but I think its beauty speaks for itself.  Looking back, I wish I’d spent more time exploring the surrounding buildings and figuring out where I was, but at the time I was getting tired and I knew I had a long trek back to the hotel ahead of me.  It’s probably good that I left when I did, because I made it back just before dark.  I can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store!

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13 Responses to Prague Castle

  1. MC says:

    absolutely LOVE! You should come to Germany…so many beautiful places

  2. Donna Pugliese says:

    I’m so glad you posted again from Prague. I’m bringing my iPad to work today because one of my residents, Grace, says she has always wanted to go to Prague. She is excited to do a little armchair traveling with your photos.

  3. AJ says:

    That church looks stunning, I love the stained glass.

    PS…is it me or is it snowing on your blog?! HOW did you do that?!


    • It’s not just you, it’s a new feature I just added 😉 It’s under settings… there was a little box to check that said “make it snow until Jan. 4” Not sure why it’ll end then, but considering how appropriate it is to my Prague posts, I couldn’t resist!

  4. albucco10 says:

    This is a dream–what an absolutely perfect way to spend your holiday! I love your pictures…can’t wait to see more so I feel like I’M on vacation, too! xx

    The Glossy Life

  5. These pictures are breathtaking. I am so jealous. I want to be in Prague!!


  6. brandiego says:

    Very cool! It’s been a while since I’ve been to Prague. I was there over the summer. It looks gorgeous during the Winter time. Thanks for bringing back good memories 🙂

  7. Lauren says:

    I absolutely love walking through historic cathedrals! So much beautiful stained glass and gorgeous windows.

  8. Wow, your photos are absolutely stunning! I love that you ditched the guide book and just wandered around on your own…you’re brave, but it sounds like it made the whole thing more exciting. And I can’t get over how beautiful the photos from the stairs/top of the stairs are. When I went to Europe in middle school the cathedrals were my favorite to explore. Europe has some of the most beautiful architecture. Thanks for sharing these amazing photos!


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