Pina Colada Martinis

Last week I was headed out to the gym in the early hours of the morning when my neighbor warned me, “you better bundle up.  It’s East coast cold outside!” In truth it was like 45°, but for San Diego, that’s really cold.  Fortunately, the cold snap has passed and it’s back to being sunny and 75°.


So I’m celebrating with this tropical cocktail.  It tastes just like a pina colada, but it’s way easier to make.  Plus it won’t give you brain freeze.


Just combine 1.5 oz. coconut vodka (I used Ciroc), 1/2 oz. whipped cream vodka, and 3 oz. pineapple juice.  Shake with ice, pour, and enjoy.  The whipped cream vodka isn’t absolutely necessary, but I think it adds a nice little something.

DSC_0015Even if you’re not somewhere sunny and warm, give this cocktail a try!  It’ll instantly transport you to the tropics.  And you don’t have to worry about how you look in a bikini!  Win/win?  I think so.


About how bout some cake

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9 Responses to Pina Colada Martinis

  1. Rachel says:

    YUM! Isn’t it crazy how many different flavors of Pinnacle they make? Whipped cream, peanut butter (ew), cookie dough…

  2. I’m SO not a whipped cream flavored vodka person, but any time a friend makes me a drink and I love it, it turns out to have whipped cream vodka in it! Who knew! This looks so yummy–and tropical!

  3. jennacwest says:

    Thank God the “East Coast Cold” is gone for now. I am a wimp in the cold. These look very good and since I am so ready for summer, I must try these!

  4. This looks delicious! I can’t wait to try it. 🙂 You’re lucky it’s back to 75 and sunny. Where I live, it’s been below freezing for three straight weeks (maybe longer) and because of the inversion I haven’t seen a blue sky in over a week. 😦 I need a warm tropical vacation, pronto!

  5. Kachet - The Lipstick Giraffe says:

    Looks tasty! Yes, I heard how cold it was in SoCal…not typical at all. Sounds more like San Francisco! 🙂

  6. AJ says:

    LOL, Fist of all, I hate you and your neighbor for that “East Coast Cold” comment…it was 9 when I went to work, and warmed up to 19 when I left!!! BRRRR!!!

    Secondly, this sounds so yummy! Can I come to “West Coast Warm” and have you make me a few?! 😉


  7. Oh how I wish it was that warm here! I’ll definitely be putting this on my list of summer cocktails!

    xo jen

  8. I have that same martini shaker!


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