Greek Week [Mykonos]

MykonosFor the past couple of years my dear friend, Dawn, and I have fantasized about how amazing it would be to sail the Greek islands.  A couple of months ago, we stopped talking and started doing.  We booked a week on a sailboat and a seemingly endless array of flights to get us nearly halfway across the world.  Then we waited for it to finally come.

And last week, it did.  We met in Athens and boarded a little plane to Mykonos.  After a series of misunderstandings with a very angry cab driver, a seemingly endless search for our accommodations, and an incredibly rude hotel manager, we finally loaded our bags into our room and took naps and showers so we’d be fresh and rested for the evening.


A couple of hours later, we popped out of our room like fresh little daisies.  We wandered up and down the alleys, all lined in gorgeous white buildings with classic blue accents.  I couldn’t believe that we were finally in Greece, and it was every bit as gorgeous and amazing as I’d hoped it would be.


Me in MykonosWe snapped a few photos and settled on a placed called M-eating for dinner.  image_4We split a bottle of red and some delicious local dips while we filled each other in on everything that’s been going on in our lives.

image_5Dawn lives in Atlanta, so we don’t see each other very much anymore, but the moment we’re reunited it’s like no time has passed at all.  To me, that’s the very best kind of friend.

image_6Soon my pesto pasta dish arrived.  Our chatter stopped abruptly as I dug into the best pesto I’ve ever had.

image_7When we’d polished off our suppers, we struck out on the town to do some more exploring.  Soon we found a shop that sold only wine and candy.  Let me say that again: wine and candy.  How brilliant is that!? We grabbed another bottle to share and enjoyed it by the water, chatting endlessly like old friends can.

image_8Eventually, we hit the bottom of that bottle too and went back to our exploring expedition.  As we walked past one especially beautiful hotel, we couldn’t resist popping in for a drink by their gorgeous pool.  A group of Romanian travelers had pretty much taken over the place, but within moments they’d warmly embraced us and we were all sharing wine and platters of food and dancing like old pals.

image (2)An hour or two later, we peeled ourselves away and popped into just one more bar on the way home for the night.  The place was packed and lively despite the early morning hour.  Until arriving there, I had no idea what a party destination the island is!  We lasted only one drink before calling it a night.  We slept like babies after the long day of travel and late night of celebrating.

Our bucket list trip was shaping up just as I’d hoped.

They next day, we had a hearty breakfast and headed over to another part of the island to join our sailing tour.  But you’ll have to wait for the next post to hear about that!


About how bout some cake

I'm a 20-something woman with an insatiable thirst for adventure. I love red wine, chocolate cake, and comments from my lovely readers.
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2 Responses to Greek Week [Mykonos]

  1. Chris says:

    Beautiful photos, I hope I can get to explore Mykonos one day!

  2. deannasallao says:

    hey there! i’m loving your recent posts!
    I also blogged about The Ultimate Guide for a Stress-Free #PreparationforVacation. I would also like to ask how do you prepare for your much-awaited vacation? Do you just pack-and-go? or you want everything to be organized?

    here’s what my recent post is all about…

    would be so nice to hear from you! 🙂

    cheers! xx

    deanna ( )

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