Greek Week [Naxos]

naxos1 After waking up and devouring breakfast on Mykonos, Dawn and I caught a bus over to the New Port.

Naxos3We lingered at Taverna Matthew, the tour meeting point, scoping out the other patrons and speculating as to who we’d be spending the week with. Promptly at 4, our skipper scooped us up and led us to our sailboat. We hauled our luggage aboard and set off to bond over some food and wine before retiring to bed, excited for the trip ahead.


Around 10 the next morning we set sail for Naxos. To be honest, I’d never even heard of it until then, but it’s a gem of an island. Just take a look for yourself.

Naxos Greece

As soon as we docked, Dawn and I hopped off the boat to go explore.  We found beauty around every twist and turn.



Around 8:00 we united with the rest of our group for a large local dinner.  Our skipper ordered in Greek for the table, and we all drooled as plate after heaping plate arrived.  Everything was gobbled up before I could even snap photos!

The next day we rented a couple of cars and set out to explore the island.  We visited some old (unfinished) statues.  I think this one got tired of waiting around for finishing touches and decided to take a nap.


Then we visited an ancient church, a city made of marble, and an artist village.


But the best stop of the day was the beach!  As we found our way to the beach, we learned the hard way that roads on Google maps are not necessarily paved.  While we in the Jeep had a blast, the crew in the Fiat behind us were having a significantly smaller amount of fun.


But they made it unscathed! When we finally arrived at the ocean, we all struck silly poses for photos, and relaxed on the sand after a long day of exploring.



Eventually the sun set and we headed back to town for beers and supper.  The group agreed- almost unanimously- to return to the same restaurant as the night before where we stuffed ourselves to the gills before meandering back to the boat for some shut-eye.  Vacationing can be so exhausting sometimes!


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