Off to the Races, Hong Kong Edition

imageOur second day in Hong Kong was my favorite of the trip.  We spent the morning visiting Chi Lin Nunnery, which is an oasis of serenity nestled among the city’s urban sprawl.  It’s a quick and easy walk from a metro stop and well worth a visit. The gates and gardens are beautiful but the treasures tucked away in the interior (where photography is prohibited) are the most breathtaking: massive golden statues, stunning architecture, and incredible altars.  I’d never seen anything like it!imageI found the stark contrast between the temple’s architecture and the modern city in the back ground to be very striking.imageimageimageAfter exploring the temple, we moved to the lovely gardens.  We’d hoped to enjoy lunch in the on-site restaurant, but we had to go because we’d promised to meet my brother across town at one.imageimageimageWe grabbed lunch on the go, rendezvoused with my brother, and all headed off to the race track to watch the ponies run.imageimageAfter watching a race or two, my brother and I were ready to put some skin in the game. Utterly clueless, about horse racing, we trotted off to and placed our bets. The first race, my brother’s horse came in third and he recouped his money.  We placed another bet and rushed back outside to catch the next race.  I couldn’t stay in my seat any longer, I had to get closer to the action.imageFrom my spot along the rail, I could feel the ground tremble as the horses sprinted by.  It was such a thrill – compounded by a big win with my horse coming in first!  I felt like a million bucks, despite having only won about $25 US.  With that, I decided to retire from betting (for the day, at least) so I just basked in the victorious glow for the rest of the afternoon.


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