Hiking Dragon’s Back


On our third day in Hong Kong, the adventure bug bit.  Around 9 AM the four of us piled into a taxi and headed out of town and into the mountains.  The car wound its way up a two-lane road, darting around slower vehicles, until dropping us off at a spot so inconspicuous that I thought we’d gotten lost and he’d given up on us. Fortunately, my Dad and brother had done the hike before and were able to confirm that this was indeed the trail head.  A closer inspection even produced this sign:


The hike started off somewhat ambitious, with lots of stairs and uphill climbs.  The work paid off quickly, though, with amazing views in every direction.


From there, we followed the path along the ridge and enjoyed the crisp, cool breeze.  The ocean views on both sides were beautiful, but my favorite view was the one of downtown peeking through the hills. Unfortunately, the photo doesn’t really do it justice (although it does give a pretty good representation of the smog situation).


Eventually the trail started to descend and we wove our way through the woods and onto a nice little beach, where we stopped for some rest.


Traipsing on further to the end of the trail, we found ourselves in a quaint little town where we stopped at a local Thai spot for lunch. It was a cute little hole in the wall, where we enjoyed generous portions of pad Thai, spring rolls, fried fish balls, kale, and curry.


With our bellies full, we grabbed another cab to the town of Stanley, which I won’t discuss because it was totally lacking in character and not really worth the time.

For such a major metropolitan area, Hong Kong has a surprising number of accessible hiking trails.  My brother blogged about this one and another here, if you’re interested in reading more.


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