Lamma Island

IMG_0787Our final day in Hong Kong, we took a ferry to Lamma Island.  It’s a tranquil little island known for it’s beautiful natural scenery and diverse, international population.  For decades, free spirits have flocked there to enjoy the peaceful, laid-back atmosphere and beauty.


The ferry ride to Sok Kwu Wan was choppy and uncomfortable.  I was delighted to finally arrive, albeit a little blue in the face.  We disembarked among little fishing boats and walked through a pathway flanked on both sides by seafood restaurants that were just opening for the day.


There are no cars on Lamma, but there are lovely paths for walking or biking.  We took a path from Sok Kwu Wan to Yung Shue Wan, which is the other ferry station on the island.  It was a little under four miles and we stopped along the way to enjoy various attractions.

One of the coolest things we saw was this kamikaze cave.  In WWII, they hid speedboats in there that could easily be deployed to launch attacks against Allied ships.


After a couple of hours, we reached Yung Shue Wan, which is quite a bit more robust than Sok Kwu Wan in terms of dining and shopping.  It’s probably 3 – 4 times as large – which is to say that it’s still very small.  We strolled the length of it, observing everything, then settled on a beautiful little spot along the water for lunch.


I grabbed a couple of starters and my brother took charge of ordering our mains.

IMG_0778 He settled on a whole snapper, fried rice, and some fried squid.  When the fish arrived, our server kindly filleted it for us at the table.  Everything was DELICIOUS. It was probably my favorite meal of the whole trip.


After lunch, we took the ferry back to the main island of Hong Kong.  Fortunately, the ride back was much shorter and smoother.  It was a little strange stepping back into the modern city, awash with sky scrapers after being on an island stuck in time.  I don’t see myself moving to Lamma any time soon, but I highly recommend a day trip!




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2 Responses to Lamma Island

  1. Stunning! I need to go back and see this island

  2. Ben says:

    Such a fun day! That fish was incredible.

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