Paris, Day 3

dsc_0435My third and final day in Paris was the rainiest of all, but I got a few dry hours in the morning. I had yet to see the Eiffel Tower in daylight, so I headed that way.  Most of the time I was in Paris, I walked places. But this morning, I took the Paris metro. I found it to be reliable and fairly easy to navigate.

img_3324I took a few token selfies of myself in front of the tower, and headed to Angelina’s for a hot chocolate.  Many of my friends and family members gave me recommendations for my trip. Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to most of them, since I was only there 3 days and didn’t want to feel constrained to an agenda.  But I am so glad I went to Angelina’s. I got their famous hot chocolate and two macaroons: a shiny gold vanilla one and a light green pistachio.  I wish I’d gone there every day of my trip, because they had so many amazing little confections.  The macaroons were delicious and I wish I could have tried more.

Then I sat down in little park to enjoy them. The hot chocolate was much richer and thicker than anything else I’d ever had before. I have a major sweet tooth, and would never call something “too rich” but I can definitely see how some people wouldn’t like it.

Later that afternoon, I wanted to visit the Musee d’Orsay.  My mom and several other people had told me how gorgeous it is. When I got there, the line wound on for ages, and my heart sunk. I was not willing to stand in line, in the cold rainy weather, for at least an hour.  So instead I found a nearby cafe, and safe under a heater along the street to enjoy a carafe of wine and watch people go about their lives.

img_3365My final dinner was the best of my trip, by far.  I returned to Comme Chai toi, where I’d had a drink the night before.  One of the servers recognized me from my previous visit and welcomed me to a table.  I told her I wanted one final delicious french meal, but that I only had appetite for two courses.  She recommended the fried brie, followed by the french toast.  I also asked her to pair wines with each course.

img_3367It goes without saying that I liked the baked brie.  I would happily eat baked brie for dinner every night of my life, but this was especially good.  There was a light crispy coating on the outside and the perfect glaze of honey.

img_3372The french toast also exceeded my expectations.  It had layers of sweetness that really elevated it from other french toast I’ve had.  I guess it should be no surprise that Parisians do French toast best! If you find yourself near Notre Dame in Paris, I highly recommend a visit.

Walking back to my hotel was bittersweet. I was sad that my trip was over, but glad that it had been an overwhelming success. I fell in love with Paris,  I’m already trying to figure out when I can return.


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I'm a 20-something woman with an insatiable thirst for adventure. I love red wine, chocolate cake, and comments from my lovely readers.
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