IMG_5918After several nights in Nice, Katie and I took a train to Paris.  I love trains, and traveling through the Provencal French countryside is about as picturesque as you can get. We arrived early afternoon and hailed an Uber to our hotel.

As you may remember, I fell head over heels for Paris earlier this year and I was excited to experience it again with my friend, since it was her first time in the magical city.  Just like me, she became completely enamored from the moment we arrived.

IMG_5926We wasted no time in dropping our bags and heading out for a wander.  Since we were located near the Eiffel Tower, it was the first place we went.  We spent the next couple of hours exploring the city on foot; tracing the Seine and stopping into whatever shop caught our interest.

IMG_5939For dinner that evening we dined at a cafe a few blocks from our hotel.  Ever indecisive, we made a habit of sharing all our meals.  The first night, we sprung for French Onion Soup (there, they just call it “onion soup”), esgargot, sea bass, and duck confit.

IMG_5937It was fabulous and we were delightfully satisfied and tipsy when we fell into bed that evening.

IMG_5947The next day we woke up and headed straight for Musee D’orsay, stopping for just a quick croissant along the way.  I’d desperately wanted to see this museum on my last trip, but the line was ridiculously long.  That morning we walked right up and into the museum using the tickets I’d bought online.  Not until the next day, when we saw the line wrapped around the block, did we fully appreciate the luck we’d had.  I think the lesson there is go Friday morning instead of Saturday, if you can!

The rest of the morning was spent attentively listening to our audio guides (Katie’s favorite thing, after escargot).  We took in Van Gogh and Monet and other greats until our tummies were rumbling and we struck out in search of food.

IMG_5967Our search took us across the river and over to the Champs Elysees where we shared pizza and pasta (and of course, rose).  With food in our bellies, we headed to Louis Vuitton where Katie purchased her first piece (aptly named “Louis the first”. You can thank me for that one).  We sipped more rose and waited in the personalization lounge where they carefully embossed her initials in gold. Then we called an uber and headed back to the hotel for our standard afternoon nap.

IMG_0584Later that evening, we ventured North a bit for some Chinese food a show at the Moulin Rouge.  Neither of us really knew what to expect.  We were led into the theater, which is very french and pretty, and seated at a table with two other couples.  The six of us were packed in like sardines, and our table was overflowing with buckets of champagne (one per couple, included with the tickets we bought).  Right on time, the show began and immediately I knew this night would be a highlight of the trip.  A huge group of dancers appeared on stage in head to toe sparkles, and it just got better from there.  The singing and dancing acts are amazing, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg.  At one point, the a giant tank of huge snakes in water emerges from the floor and a woman dives in and dances with them underwater. Another act consists of a man hurling around a woman on roller skates.  And the acrobats rivaled Cirque du Soleil. It’s truly a must see. Pictures were forbidden inside, or I would have overwhelmed you with them.

IMG_0094Our last day in Paris, we planned to go to the Louvre but the line was insanely long. Considering the rain, it wasn’t worth the wait, so we headed to Angelina’s for their famous hot chocolate. We kept meandering through the city, stopping to admire art and grab some lunch.  We did a lap around Notre Dame (again, an insane line to enter) and called an uber to head back for – you guessed it – a nap.

IMG_1607Around 6 PM I yanked Katie from bed and we went darting over to the Eiffel Tower, for some final photos before we lost the sun. I know that one day, when we’re old and gray, we’ll look back at these and remember the wonderful times we’ve had traveling the world together.

IMG_3413Another carb-heavy dinner, two bottles of red, and we were back in bed.  Our car arrived early the next morning to take us to the airport.  Like all good things, the trip had come to an end.  We’re already planning our trip back.



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