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Central Restaurante [Lima, Peru]

[Note: This post is a little out of order.  It took me a while to write, but it should have been the first one from Peru.] In most Masters programs, students write a thesis.  In my Business School program, we … Continue reading

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Machu Picchu

You know how, sometimes, you hear so much about something that when you actually see or experience it, there’s no way it can possibly live up to the hype? Well, Machu Picchu isn’t one of those things.  It’s every bit … Continue reading

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Saqsaywaman [Cusco, Peru]

Yesterday I arrived in Cusco and immediately fell in love.  Your plane descends between steep but breathtaking mountains into a small airport, and before you even reach the baggage claim you’re offered free cocoa leaves to help you acclimate to … Continue reading

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