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Central Restaurante [Lima, Peru]

[Note: This post is a little out of order.  It took me a while to write, but it should have been the first one from Peru.] In most Masters programs, students write a thesis.  In my Business School program, we … Continue reading

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Trattoria Calabria

This past weekend I drove up to Utica, New York for a family reunion and I had the pleasure of dining at Trattoria Calabria.  Now, Trattoria Calabria isn’t like other restaurants – and I don’t just say that because it … Continue reading

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Prep Kitchen Little Italy [Restaurant Week]

My favorite time of year is upon us! If I lived anywhere else, I would mean the crisp and refreshing drift into Autumn.  But I live in San Diego where seasons don’t exist, so I’m talking about Restaurant Week! I … Continue reading

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Cucina Urbana

I live really far away from my parents.  Like over 2,000 miles (that’s 3,218 km).  But they visit pretty often, and that makes it all a lot easier. They were in town last week and, per usual, it was the … Continue reading

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Juniper & Ivy

It seems like everywhere I go lately, someone’s talking about Juniper & Ivy.  And after checking it out for myself, I can see why.  Helmed by Richard Blais (of Top Chef All Stars fame), it’s about as close to perfection as I … Continue reading

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Picture this: dining at a restaurant that’s basically like going to Grandma’s house.  It would have big tables, a cozy atmosphere, and heaping portions.  What would you pay for delicious, home-made food served with love? Well, this place exists, and … Continue reading

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Date Night at Eddie V’s

Last night Jason and I headed up to La Jolla for date night.  Jason had been out of town for a while, so we wanted to reconnect and celebrate a victory I had at work this week.  We called around … Continue reading

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